CC #279: Week of August 24, 2008

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Snape: ‘Can’t… we just do a pinky swear?’

Bellatrix: ‘If this doesn’t take off the superglue, nothing will.’

Snape and Narcissa: ‘One, two, three four, I declare a thumb war…’

Bella: ‘Y’know, normally I would be laughing hysterically at you two and licking my wrist… but since you’re being serious…’
-The Annoyed

Narcissa: Will you, Severus Snape, watch over my son, Draco?
Snape: I will.
Narcissa: And will you protect him from harm?
Snape: I will.
Narcissa: And will you take a shower every morning and wash your hair with shampoo?
Snape: I – *withdraws hand* Now that wasn’t part of the deal!

Bellatrix: Now swing your partner round and round… what did you say those filthy Muggles call this?
Snape: Square dancing.
Narcissa: And they actually do this as a form of entertainment? Muggles are even more ridiculous than I thought.
Snape: This is nothing. Wait until I tell you about the Macarena.
-Carla T.

Snape and Narcissa: ‘Meatball. Meatball. Spaghetti underneath. Raviolli. Raviolli. Great Barrier Reef!
Snape: Now will you give us the secret Krabby Patty recipe?
Bellatrix: …Mmm-no.
Both: …

Bellatrix: I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Narcissa: Um…. wrong spell.

Snape: *Thinking* Did she have to turn my wand into a life-sized replica of her sister? How am I supposed to wave this around?’

Snape: ‘…this looked SO much easier on’
-The Annoyed

Narcissa: Will you take care of my Dracey wakey poopey doopey and make sure he stays safe?
Snape: …






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