CC #294: Week of March 29, 2009

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Luna: ‘If IIIIIII were kinnng… of the forrrreesssttt…’

Luna: ‘Can anyone else smell cat?’

Ron: ‘Oi, Hermione! You could’ve done that with your hair all these years!’

Luna: Harry, could you get me out of this lion suit?
Harry: Uh… that isn’t a suit…

Lucy Pevensie: ‘What have you done to Aslan!’
-Torrance K.

Harry: Let me guess. A lion for Hallowe’en?
Luna: No. Hermione Granger.

Luna: ‘Guys could you help. I just got eaten by a big, unrealistic lion.’

Harry: Did you lose a bet?
Luna: It was either wear this or Neville’s sweater vest from OotP.
HarrY: ooo . . difficult choice.
Neville: ?

Lion: ‘I think I just swallowed a Wrackspurt. *Opens mouth* Can you see it?’
-Laura Jane

Harry: Luna, I’m really glad that you’re supporting Gryffindor.
Luna: What do you mean ‘supporting Gryffindor’?
-Jennifer M.

Luna: It’s the circle of Life!
Harry: No, Luna, those are the goalposts! And stop it, you’re distracting Ron!
Ron: Just Ron?

Lion: *Thinking* I should have ordered butterbeer…

Luna: ‘Do I have a large frog in my hair?’

Luna Lovegood: Half Lion, ALL Looney!!!

Luna: ‘Scar may have made a very handsome throwrug, but I must say, Mufasa makes a splendid top hat.’

Luna is always one step ahead of the fashion world… actually, make that three steps.

Evanna Lynch: ‘So, a movie premiere is not like a book release?’
-Jennifer M.

Luna: It’s life-like! See, listen. *Points wand at head*
Lion: Excuse me, but where in the world are the cruelty to animals people?

Frosted Flakes’ new mascot: Luna the Liger.

the lion is a witch, but where is the wardrobe?


Presenting The Complete Idiot’s Guide on Looking Out of Place.

The cover of Witch Weekly‘s latest Edition: Fantastic Wigs & Where to Find Them.

Ron and Harry: *singing* Wimoweh Wimoweh Wimoweh Wimoweh!
Luna: Okay guys…
Harry: *singing* In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight…
Luna: Haha… now stop…
Ron: *in a high falsetto* Ee-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-ahhh
Luna and Harry: …

Ron: *Sarcastically* Nice headgear, Luna.
Luna: It’s almost as nice as your mum’s hand-knitted sweaters.
Harry: Oh, snap.

Malfoy: ‘Hey, Loony, is that a hat you’re wearing or is a lion just throwing up your face?’

‘That’s weird… I thought being eaten by a lion would hurt more…’

Luna: ‘I talk to lions. They find me. Whisper things.’





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