CC #300: Week of June 14, 2009

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Grint: Hey, I know you’re a worldwide fashion icon now, but aren’t you still our friend?
Watson: Maybe, but the restraining order stands.

Ron: Hermione, do you mind if we just stop at the book shop? I really wanted to buy one of those Twilight 18-month calendars.
Hermione: Ron, for God’s sake, we are on the run! We don’t have time for this!
Harry: Hold on a moment, Hermione. It would be really useful for those long months ahead of us, to keep track of the time.
Ron: Not to mention it’s something we can throw at the fangirls if we are discovered.
-Laura the Explorer

Ron: Wow… watching Hermione walk in that red dress makes me wanna just grab her and…
Harry: Ron, please stop.
Hermione: No, Ronald, please continue.
-Nicole M.

Hermione, clutching a dead kiwi, was rather mad that she left her purse at the wedding.

J.K. Rowling: ‘Scuse me, Ron. Harry. Hermione… Hey, wait a minute….’

Ron: ‘I’m sure we’ll find the bottom half of your dress eventually.’

Harry: She is still taller than me!
Ron: Sorry mate, should have drank your milk when you were younger.
Harry: I was locked in a closet for 10 years, don’t start with me!
Ron: Sheesh, I thought you were over this whole *waves arms about* angst phase.
Hermione: We’re not that lucky, Ron.

Harry: So why’d you Apparate us to Muggle London?
Ron: Because it was the first place she thought of.
Hermione: No, because these shoes are way too painful to go camping in, and there’s a Prada around here somewhere…

Ron: *Gasps* Girl legs!
Harry: …
Hermione: …

Harry: ‘Yes, I’m sure we blend in. If Hermione turns around, she’ll never see us following her.’
-Andy F.

Harry and Ron: Left-right, left-right, left-right…
Hermione: Must you walk like that? You look like you’re in the army!
Harry: We are in the army!
Ron: Dumbledore’s Army!
Hermione: *Face-palms*
-Belinda B.

Harry: What’s Hermione up to?
Ron: She just found out her OWLs are moved a week closer this year. Off to the library.
Harry: Oh, when’s that?
Ron: Four months.

Hermione: *Thinking* Darn, these heels are killing me.
Ron: *Thinking* Darn, Hermione’s heels are killing me.

Snape: *Disguised as lady with blond hair* Potter, what are you doing strutting on the street?
Harry: I said that my father and I didn’t strut about the castle… I never said anything about streets…
-Mrs. P/C

Morpheus: Are you listening, Harry, Ron? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?
Ron: I was…
Morpheus: Look again.
Voldemort: AVADA KE-
Morpheus: Freeze it!
Harry: This… isn’t Charing Cross Road in London?
Morpheus: This is a training program, designed to teach you one thing. If you are not one of us, you are one of them.
Harry: But I’m pretty sure Hermione is one of us.
Morpheus: Sooner or later, someone is going to have to fight them.
Ron: Oh, I think I’ve taken care of that.

Ron: Hermione, slow down! Where are you going?
Hermione: Victoria’s Secret. I don’t care what you say, Harry, I know there is not a Horcrux in Dick’s Sporting Goods.
Harry: And you think there will be in Victoria’s Secret?
Hermione: Of course not, don’t be silly. There will be, however, a huge sale, and I need new knickers.

Ron: Nice night for a walk, eh?
Harry: Nice night for a walk.
Punk: Wash day, tomorrow? Nothing clean, right?
Hermione: *Begins to run* Why are you so creepy!?

Harry: *To Ron* You know, the only reason she asked us to come to the mall with her is so that we can hold her bags.
Ron: I don’t think so, she’s not like tha-
Harry: No, wait. Just wait.

Ron: ‘Hermione, I’m sorry your action figure is not on sale and ours is, but it is nothing to be angry about.’
-Samantha D.

Harry Potter and the Quest for a Souvenir Baseball Cap

Ron: ‘Wow, those protestors splashed a lot of red paint on you.’

Harry: ‘Hermione, is that a Burberry dress?’

Harry: *Thinking aloud* Is Hermione a girl’s name?
Ron: From this view, heck yes it is.

Ron: Where is it we are going?
Harry: I think Hermione said that she knew where one of the Horcruxes was.
Hermione: I did not, I said that I needed to get some sensible shoes as these heels must have been invented by a Dark wizard!

Ron: Ohh, so now HALLOWS are put into the mix. Honestly, Harry, nobody can even write a more stressful story than your life.
JKR: *Walks past trio*

Hermione: It’s definitely around this corner.
Harry: *Quietly to Ron* She’s said that at every corner for the last 10 blocks and I think she’s gotten us lost…
-Tru Harrison

Ron: Wow, Harry, there’s everything here! Policeman hats, mugs, biscuit tins with biscuits in them, a great view of Hermione’s–
Harry: That’ll do, Ron. That’ll do.

Harry: Hey, Hermione, I love your straight-from-the-book floaty, lilac-coloured dress with matching high heels!
Hermione: Shut up.
Ron: Yeah, Harry, shut up. *Stares at Hermione’s legs*

Man Across Street: *Wolf-whistles* Nice legs!
Blonde lady: Why, thank you!

Ron: Come on, Hermione! Slow down! It was just a joke!
Hermione: Well if it’s so funny, how about you distract the Death Eaters by showing them a little leg?
Harry: I’ve always thought you had lovely legs, Ron.





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