CC #305: Week of July 26, 2009

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Cormac: Ron, did you know that if you rub your fingers together long enough, a cheeseburger will appear?
Ron: Really…. I like cheeseburgers…


You can pick your friends.
You can pick your nose.
But only Cormac can pick Ron’s nose…


Cormac attempts to become the Italian Dora the Explorer.
Cormac: This game is very exciting. Questo gioco è molto eccitante. *Makes hand gesture*
-Butterfly Face

Ron: What are you doing?!
McLaggen: You had a booger… Don’t worry. I got it.

McLaggen was always more than prepared to demonstrate his fly-catching skills… even when lacking chopsticks.

Cormac: ‘I can make lightning come out of your head like that, Weasley.’
-Mad-Eye Madelaine

Ron: ‘No thanks, Cormac. Quidditch is my anti-drug.’

‘And that’s just what I do to innocent creatures…’

Cormac: ‘Sorry, Ron, but you seem to have a Nasal Nugget problem. Let me… get that for you.’

Ron: Bloody hell, you didn’t catch anything, you just randomly squeezed your fingers together!
Cormac: Yeah, but CGI will make me look good.
Ron: Ughh!

Ron: Where did you learn that?!
McLaggen: HBO.

Ron: Do you think Cormac’s compensating for something with that giant broom?
Harry: *Off-screen* Are you referring to his small sense of respect for other people’s well-being?
Ron: Yes… of course I was…

Cormac: See that dirt I’m crushing between my fingers? That’s you.
Ron: No, it isn’t. I’m me.
Cormac: I mean it’s a metaphor for you.
Ron: I make plants grow strong and healthy?
Cormac: Shut up.

Ron: ‘Dude, that’s my nose…’

Ron: *Whiny voice* But it’s my turn!
McLaggen: Talk to the hand!

Cormac: Mr. Miyagi helped me train for this tryout. *Catches fly* There’s no way any Quaffles will get past me now! Wax on, wax off!
Ron: …

Ron: Hey, Cormac, have you ever noticed that your broom is shaped like a potato wedge?
Cormac: Hey, Ron, have you ever noticed your head is shaped like a potato wedge?

McLaggen: Is it me? Or are these Quidditch costumes getting more stupid and outlandish by the movie?
Ron: For once, McLaggen, I agree with you.
Ginny: I agree with both of you, even McLaggen’s broom looks stupid.
David Yates: Everyone’s a critic…

McLaggen: Hey Weasley, I got your nose.
Ron: Aren’t we a little old to be playing this game McLaggen? …Look, just give me my nose back and I won’t tell Hermionie how childish you’re being.

Cormac: ‘I say, Ron, this ring that you gave to me has seemed to have blackened my hand..’
-Anton D.

Cormac: *Squishes Rita Skeeter*
Hermione: My hero!

Cormac: Look, I can snap!
Ron: What does that have to do with tryouts?
Cormac: I don’t know, but it seemed important.
Dan: *Off-set* I thought you Confunded him after the tryouts.
Emma: So did I.

To keep, or not to keep: that is the question
Whether ’tis nobler in the game to suffer
The shots and goals of outrageous players,
Or to take arms against a sea of Chasers,
And by opposing defeat them?


Cormac: ‘You think Hermione will wear Burberry on our first date?’

Cormac: ‘Yep, there it is. See, this is why your family’s so poor, Weasley. The gold’s been up your nostril the whole time.’

‘You see Weasley, if you just get a pinch of oregano your stews gonna taste much better.’

Ron: ‘Whoa, who do you think you are? Obama or something?’

Cormac: ‘And I learned this snap trick from Mary Poppins…’
-Nathaniel C.

Ron: You know McLaggen, with that kind of speed and agility, what you really need to be is Seeker. Really. You definately should try out for Seeker.

Cormac: ‘Yes Weasley, this is the bogey of a champion. I can see the shock in your eyes as you recognise it Weasley. Yes, this is the bogey that won me the 1995 International Wizarding Bogey Picking Championship.’

McLaggen: *squishes bug*
Ron: PETA will get you, McLaggen! You just wait!

McLaggen: *Thinking* I am going to pick Ron’s nose so that everyone willl think he’s weird.

Ron: Wow. An invisible Galleon. What good is that going to do?
Cormac: Well, I invented it – doesn’t that make me awesome?

Cormac: Hey Weasley, Granger’s pretty cute, d’you think I’ve got a chance with her?
Ron: Maybe… if she has a thing for tools…

Ron: ‘Are you going to eat that?’

Cormac: You see this pine needle, Weasley? I got it from Narnia.
Ron: Well… well… You see this hat? I got it from the Shire!
Cormac: Oh, do you live there? Explains why you’re so small.
Ron: I hate you.

Cormac: ‘I found the… slightly snotty.. Snitch!’

Ron: ‘Your Patronus is a sea anemone?’
-Jennifer M.

Cormac: ‘Hey, Ron, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?’
-Mini and Rina

Ron: Hey, Cormac! okay, so a guy walks into a bar, and for a cup of cho, and the waitress says, ‘I’m sorry, sir, Cho’s in Madam Puddifoots.’ HAHAHA!!! did you get that?
Cormac: HAHAH!!! that’s so funny!
Ron:…you can’t think of a very good caption, can you?
Cormac: no, not really.

Cormac: ‘Look, Bertie Bott’s got a new flavour. Wanna try Slug?’

‘Yes, Weasley, this is the Rapestick 3000. Jealous much?’

Despite his best efforts, Ron still could not see the miniscule, invisible and, he suspected, totally imaginary wrackspurt McLaggen claimed to have caught between his fingers.





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