CC #307: Week of October 18, 2009

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Ginny: Luna, I thought I was supposed to be on the cover?
Luna: Well, I just happened to find a picture of Harry shirtless… so, yeah…

Luna: *Pointing at Arnold* ‘WRACKSPURT!’

Having figured out by now how it works, Ginny quickly searched the bizarre magazine for anything that might be plot relevant.

Ginny: Luna, this place smells like up-dawg.
Luna: What?
Ginny: This place smells like up-dawg.
Luna: What’s ‘up-dawg‘?
Ginny: Nothin’ much, what’s up with you?

Ginny: ‘Luna, this is People – I specifically asked for Us. My pigmy puff and I will not stand for this.’

Luna: Hello, my name is Luna. May I take your order?
Dean: *To Ginny* This is what you meant when you said we would be eating out?
Ginny: Hey, I was working on a budget! I don’t come from the richest family, you know.
Luna: You can order anything normally on the food cart – I’ll get them the next time it comes by.

Luna: Wow, Ginny, I didn’t know Tribbles came in pink.
Ginny: They don’t – but with food coloring, it was no Tribble at all.

Quibbler Headline: Boy Thought to be in Homemade Balloon Found in Attic
Ginny: Luna, these articles are really getting ridiculous!

Luna: ‘You’re all invited to my birthday party. Just make sure to bring enough kazoos; I want to avoid last year’s disaster.’

Luna: *Excited voice* Ginny, did you see The Quibbler today? A Nargle has finally been caught!
Ginny: *Same excited voice* Luna, did you see The Prophet today? Nargles don’t exist!

Ginny: Hey Luna, what is article in the Quibbler for this week?
Luna: Why wizards and witches start wearing Muggle clothes when they go into their third year at Hogwarts.

Luna: What’s that strange fuzzy thing looking at me?
Ginny: Oh, that’s Dean. His hair’s always like that.

Luna: You know, once Harry falls in love with her you have no chance.
Dean: …

Luna: ‘You know that your relationship defies Harry-Potter-Relationship Law, right?’
-Jennifer M.

Ginny: And this is my friend Luna.
Luna: Have you ever wondered why we have toes. They can’t grab anything like fingers.
Ginny: Uh, moving on…

Luna: …And if you stand in a doorway like this, then you get rid of the chuzzly-nuzzly-fuzzles, which I see you are in need of…
Ginny: No, no Luna this is a pygmy puff.
Luna: No, it’s a chuzzly-nuzzle-fuzzle
Ginny: …No, I’m quite sure it’s a pygmy puff.
Luna: No – Daddy says that if it is pink and round an—
*Arnold explodes*
Ginny, Luna, Dean: …….

Ginny: Hey Luna!
Luna: Hi Ginny, and.. who are you?
Dean: Uhm, I’m Dean..
Ginny: Who?
Dean: Dean! Dean Thomas!
Luna: I’ve never seen you before.
Dean: …
Ginny: Come on, admit it. You don’t even go here..
Dean: *Runs away, crying*

‘Mind you, I don’t know if you’ve ever considered the benefits of owning a really fine set of encyclopedias…’

Luna: So, that thing on your shoulder is NOT the H1N1 virus?
Ginny: …

Luna: How is your pygmy puff?
Ginny: Quite good. And your obsession with Harry?
Luna: *Coughs* Would you like a Quibbler?

Dean: Fancy meeting you two ladies in the hallway like this.
Luna: Well, my Spectrospecs told me to be here, so it’s not coincidence.
Ginny: My Pygmy Puff needed some air, I’m going back inside now anyway.
Dean: *Frantic* Will you two EVER let me get off just ONE bloody pick-up line?!





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