CC #308: Week of October 25, 2009

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Luna: *Singing quietly* Why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends…

Lavender *Twitching*: Come on, Ron! Come on, Ron, I–TOURETTE’S!!!!!!
Luna: I’m just here because Ron makes me laugh when he flies into things and misses the Quaffle.
Hermione: I’m only here to masquerade as a friend while poorly hiding my true love for Ron and my deep-seeded rage and jealousy at Lavender.
Other Girl: I’ve been paid to sit here because another girl on the bleachers would have looked more visually appealing.
Ron: …What law says that I can’t just have a normal girl here to support me??
J.K. Rowling: It amuses me to see you struggle.

Hermione realised that she had mispronounced her Confundus charm when McLaggen suddenly exploded in mid-air…
-The Purple Hippo

The Tragedy of Ronald Weasley’s love life.
Lavender: The ‘Ex’.
Luna: The secret crush.
Hermione: The true love.
Random girl in the back: The affair.

Hermione: Wait… What?!?!
-Yellow Canary

Lavender: *Sings* Someday, my prince will come…
Hermione: There are no wizarding princes, you know.
Lavender: Shut up!

Hermione didn’t think she deserved to also be benched by the fashion police.

Hermione: Isn’t it strange how every time Harry comes into the Quidditch pitch, something weird or downright awful happens to him? It’s like he’s cursed or something.
Harry: *Off-screen* Hermione, don’t be silly. Those were just coincidences. Nothing’s gonna happen to me this time
Luna: Say, isn’t that the flying car from your second year?
Harry: Wher- *Car hits Harry*

Hermione: What is that thing he’s on?
Luna: It’s a broom with wheels.
Lavender: He’s an absolute dream!

During the filming of Dumbledore’s funeral
Yates: No girls….*Tired sigh*…I meant ‘tear’ up, not ‘tier’ up.

Hermione: ‘I knew it was only a matter of time before they ostracized all the blondes in this series, but to leave us on a bench in a storm!’

There was a poor turnout for






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