CC #313: Week of November 29, 2009

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Harry: Some day, Ginny, all this will be yours.
Ginny: …

Harry: This room will become whatever we need it to be, and will have everything we need inside of it. Let’s use it to practice magical defense and prepare us for Voldemort!
Ginny: Uh-huh. Room…. I need super missiles that seek out Death Eaters, Horcruxes and Voldemort from anywhere in the world. And a launcher to launch them from.
*Room of Requirement conjures the items*
Harry: Or… we could just do that.

Harry: How about that one? That one looks nice.
Ginny: No, it’s not the right shade.
Harry: But we’ve been here for three hours.
Ginny: We have to find the perfect chairs. for our new house.
Harry: But, it’s almost time for the Quidditch game…

Ginny: Ah, yes. Lovely color of blue in here…
Harry: Touché.
Ginny: You know that’s not how you’re supposed to use the word ‘Touché.’
Harry: Who cares?
Ginny: I do.
Harry: *Grins evilly* Touché.

Harry: Whoa, what is all this stuff?
Ginny: It’s my collection; every part of this room has something to do with you!
Harry: *Slowly backs away* Stalker!

Ginny: You know what really makes this awkward, Harry?
Harry: No. What?
Ginny: I’m taller than you.

After they kiss.
Harry: ‘What do you mean Dean is better?’

Harry: ‘So, you’re telling me you lost an earring… in here?

Ginny: ‘Wow, Harry. Great place for a first date. You really know how to treat a girl right.’ *Sigh*

Harry: So, um… doyouwannagoout?
Ginny: Huh?
Harry: Do you want to go out?
Ginny: Finally!

Harry: So… what do you think?
Ginny: No, Harry. I don’t think that you can quit being the Chosen One and start being a chair sculpture modern artist.

‘Sirius? Lupin?!’

Ginny: ‘I spy, with my little eye…’

Ginny: Harry, we have a lot in common.
Harry: Like what?
Ginny: Well, erm… we both have double letters in our name!
Harry: …

Harry: ‘That’s it, Ginny – I’m cancelling your credit card.’

Ginny and Harry stare in awe over the endless possibilities of Chair Jenga.

Ginny: Oooh, Harry, look at that pretty diadem!
Harry: Not now, Ginny. Where am I supposed to hide this Potions book?!

Ginny: ‘Harry, go stand on one of those chairs so that you can actually kiss me.’






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