CC #314: Week of December 6, 2009

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Narrator: ‘Once upon a time, there were three little wizards who went to Hogwarts School. And they were each assigned very whimsical homework. But I took them away from all that, and now they work for me. My name is Charlie.’
[cue Charlie’s Angels theme]-Sam

Hermione: See, Ron? I told you that if I walked through this shopping centre someone would wolf-whistle!
Ron: Hermione, it doesn’t count when you walk up and down the same hallway for three hours!

After a successful production of ‘The Great Hogwart’s Express Train Robbery,’ the Hogwarts Drama Club has begun rehearsing their next production, which will be called either, ‘Shootout at King’s Cross Coralle’ or ‘Wands of the Magnificent Three.’

Harry: ‘Umm, you guys… I think this walk only looks cool if there is a big explosion happening behind us…’
-Helen P.

Putting Voldemort aside for the moment, the trio sets out to find Carmen Sandiego.

All: ‘A Starbucks inside a Starbucks?!’
-Amanda N.

Ron: How come I’m the one always stuck with the outdated seventies sweaters?
Harry: Why am i always stuck with the mismatched t-shirts?
Hermione: I love our costume designer.
-Cassie D.

Ron: I… I can’t believe Snape beat us in the popularity contest.
Harry: Well, after he posted that video of himself doing the Macarena on YouTube…

Harry: What are we doing?
Ron: Walking bravely like we’re going into battle.
Hermione: *Bares teeth* How’s this?
Ron/Harry: ….

For the new movie, it was decided that Harry should look more like Radar O’Reilly.

Three troubled teenagers:
Hermione Granger: Muggle-born known to be traveling with Harry Potter. 2000,000 galleons as reward
Ronald Weasley: Missing from Hogwarts, known to be traveling with Harry Potter. 1000,000 galleons as reward
Harry Potter: Lame selfish loser. 1 Galleon as reward






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