CC #331: Week of April 11, 2010

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Harry: Ron, Hermione, I have something important to tell you…
Hermione: What is it?
Harry: Your hair is on fire…

As everyone stared in awe and horror, it was then that Harry realized he had mixed up his Invisibility Cloak with his Invisible Cloak.

Ron: All right, where’s Harry? He’s my best friend in the world…
Ginny: I hope he gets here soon. Just think – if he sits here, we’ll be double-dating!
Ron: All right, where’s Harry? I need to pound his brains in!

Hermione: There’s a button in my salad.
Ron: It must have come off when the salad was dressing.

*Everyone stares in disbelief*
Harry: *In chicken costume* …I lost a bet, okay?
-Fred is Dead

Hermione: Where’s Harry? I’m worried.
Ginny: Where’s Harry? I’m lonely.
Ron: Where’s Harry?
Hermione: What’s your reason?
Ron: …

Hermione: Oh, no… not Big Mike!
Ginny: Well, the judges are going to save him, aren’t they? They have to!
Hermione: I hope so, I think he’s a good singer.
Ron: *Thinking* Note to self: take singing lessons.

Harry: *Walks over to join the group at the table* What’s this in my bowl?
Hermione: Oatmeal.
Harry: It’s the start of year feast and all I get is oatmeal?
Ginny: Well, Harry, we are in a recession!
Ron: *Mutters* And I sort of ate the last bit of chicken…
Harry: MY CHICKEN!!! *Runs after Ron*

With Daniel Radcliffe so busy, they were forced to add him into a few scenes digitally:
David Yates: Bonnie, you’re sitting in Harry!
Bonnie Wright: Oh, sorry. *Scoots to the side*
David Yates: Okay, action!
Emma Watson: We’re very worried about you, Harry.
*Long pause*
David Yates: Harry responded – move on to your next line!
Emma Watson: Oh, oops.

Ginny: What’s Harry doing back there?
Ron: He’s trying to convince Snape to let him out of detention.
Hermione: That won’t work!
Ron: I didn’t know Snape could hit people that hard.
Harry: *Sits down beside Ginny* He said no.

Emma: ‘Oh, no! Is that Ben from MuggleCast? He must be following me again!’

Hermione: What on EARTH is Harry doing?
Ron: Talking to that book again.
Hermione: Talking to the book? AGAIN?
Ginny: I’ve always said a literate man is the right man for me!
Ron and Hermione: …

Ginny’s Goblet: I bet people would make an awesome caption with us goblets as the protagonists.
Hermione’s Goblet: Yeah. And instead of this, they’re wasting their time with those human beings.
Ginny’s Spoon: Indeed, what a waste of entries. Now, if people could see the acting talent us spoons are hiding!
Ginny’s Goblet: Hey, who asked you, old kind of metal? It’s goblets or nothing; we’re the focal point of this table, we are!
Hermione’s Goblet: Oh, honestly, who cares. That girl TonksA has already included both of us in her caption.
Ginny’s Goblet: Well, it’s better than nothing.
Harry’s Goblet: Pass the salt, will you?

Ron: ‘Harry, I can’t believe you were late for the feast! I had to eat your food for you!’

Hermione: That was nice, Harry.
Ginny: That bagpipe solo was like nothing I’ve ever heard before.
Ron: And, with any luck, we’ll never hear anything like it ever again.





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