CC #333: Week of April 25, 2010

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Lavender: ‘Ron, I love you I’ve ALWAYS loved you and – Merlin! Harry, are you gonna eat all those eggs?!’

Lavender: ‘I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to tell you… you guys are all wearing the same outfit. And, Ron, you seem to have a giant walnut shell on your head.’
-Average Joe

Ron: Harry, I’ve got something great to announce. Lav-lav has found for me the perfect thing to help me with my Quidditch skills.
Harry: *thinking* Please don’t say ‘this helmet’ *outloud* What, Ron?
Ron: This helmet!

Lavender: Oh Won-Won!
Ron: Oh Lav-Lav!
Harry: Oh Gin-Gin!
Ginny: Oh Har-Har!
Hermione: Oh….Can’t I have somebody please??

Lavender: Ron! We have to decide what colour our outfits are gonna be in for the dance! I was thinking either a pale purple or a kind of muddy, chocolate nuance?
Hermione: So… lavender or brown…?
Lavender: Yeah!

Lavender: ‘How could you use my pet turtle as a helmet?!’

Lavender: Oh, Won-Won, you look so dashing with your dorky Quidditch helmet!
Hermione: *Breaks something*

Lavender: I just can’t stand your ridiculous helmet anymore. Like, seriously. What is that? We’re over.
Ron: ….?
Hermione: Don’t look at me, I agree with Lavender!

Goblets: ‘We’re in a third caption contest in a row! We must be doing something right.’
-Cedric Lives

Hermione: *Thinking* Maybe I could killed her when everyone’s asleep, I can wip up a mean poison……
Lavender: Are you alright Hermione?
Hermione: Oh yes, I’m fine, I love your skirt.

Lavender: Hello, I’m a volunteer from the ‘We Love Pigs and Sheep’ campaign. If you donate just five Knuts to our charity then you will be able to help poor pigs and sheep from all over the world. Would you like to make a donation?
Ginny: Sorry, no change.
Harry: Sorry, no change.
Ron: Will we get to eat the cows and pigs after we help them?
Everyone: …
-Mrs. Lovett

Lavender: Ron! You still love me, right?! If you ever stop loving me I don’t know what I’ll do, I’ll probably flip out and beat you up with a bat! I love you! *leaves*
Harry: Isn’t it time to break up with her, Ron..?
Ron: As long as I wear my helmet at all times I see no reason to leave her. No one’s perfect, you know.

Lavender: So, Ron, why do Beaters have to wear helmets this year?
Ron: Not sure, but I think it has to do with a very powerful Confundus charm that put McLaggen in the hospital wing for a while earlier this year.
Hermione: *blushes*





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