Fan Focus: Emily – June 18, 2010

Age 20, United States


First off, how did you become a Harry Potter fan?

It was the night OoTP came out. I hadn’t read any of the other books and wasn’t all that interested but I went with two of my friends so they could get their copies. When we got back to the house they handed PoA to read while they immersed themselves into the wondrous fifth book.

It has been over two years since Deathly Hallows came out and we found out how the series ended. Do you have the same reaction to the ending now, as you did then?

Yes! I cry and get goose bumps every time! Deathly Hallows was the perfect ending, I can’t imagine saying goodbye in a better manner. Jo really lets her brilliance shine on every page.

There are quite a few organizations/clubs at Hogwarts. Which you would rather join and why: Dueling Club, Dumbledore’s Army, or S.P.E.W.?

Dumbledore’s Army! While I am all for learning to duel properly and the promotion of elfish welfare I have to say that learning useful defensive spells with your fellow schoolmates in the wake of Voldemorts return that a daft ministry woman posing as a teacher finds to be inappropriate definitely takes the cake.

If you could attend Hogwarts, which class do you think would be your favorite?

Astronomy or Potions. No Snape of course, can’t stand teachers like that! DADA would certainly be exciting though. I’m being so indecisive!

Which class would be your best, whether you liked it or not?

Oh dear… Probably Care of Magical Creatures. I’m rather good with animals… Maybe not some of Hagrids more special ones but with most.

Okay, be honest. We got you this year with our April Fool’s story about JKR writing a Potter prequel featuring Elvendork. However, if she really wrote it, it would be so…

Absolutely brilliant probably. JKR is an amazing writer so I don’t doubt she’d be able to pull it off but I think the initial idea would leave fans rather confused… Extremely excited but confused.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I still like to think that Draco is good deep down. Haha what am I saying? I just read too many fan fictions! I would love to shower the entire Mugglenet staff with tons of praise! I loved the site when I first stumbled upon it so many years ago and I love it now! Mugglenet is my #1 Harry Potter site and I’ve recommended it to my fellow Harry Potter friends!