Heyman tells MuggleCast: Split has been decided, added scene will be ‘incredibly dramatic, very moving’

During our interview with Harry Potter producer David Heyman on Episode 200 of MuggleCast (released Wednesday), David confirmed that they have nailed down their split point. Significant, given that we’ve heard over the past year that they have been toying with several different ideas while filming. Additionally, he gave new insight into how they made their decision:

The script [for Part 1] was written with an end in mind. The first draft was written with one ending and as we developed it, it went to another ending. And then we reverted in part to the original ending because we felt it allowed us a more emotional conclusion and felt like it was more complete, as it were. But we’ve added this other scene which I think is really amazing – and I can’t tell you where the break is, I’m sorry – but I do feel it will be incredibly dramatic, very moving and make people want to watch the next film.

What do you think of this “other scene”? What could it be and where do you believe the film will be split?

To listen to the full interview – and to hear MUCH more from David related to Deathly Hallows and Potter in general – either update your existing iTunes subscription or listen instantly via this link. Enjoy!

Eric S.

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