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“MuggleCast” Episode 320: “Tina” Now Available!

This week, MuggleCast’s in-depth Fantastic Beasts character discussions continue — and all attention turns to Porpentina “Tina” Esther Goldstein, once-disgraced MACUSA Auror and sister to Queenie! Join Andrew, Micah and Eric with special guest Katy as opinions are changed through a series of revelations about the character’s potential origins, and an analysis of her actions throughout the first Fantastic Beasts movie.

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“MuggleCast” Episode 319: “Jacob” Now Available!

The No-Maj Jacob is the center of attention this week, as our Fantastic Beasts in-depth character discussions continue. While Andrew travels cross-country, join Eric and Micah for this two-man show dedicated to everyone’s favorite baker.

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“MuggleCast” Episode 318: “Queenie” Now Available!

Let the character discussions begin! Queenie Goldstein is the focus of our first in-depth Fantastic Beasts character discussion. Join Andrew, Eric, Micah and returning guest Jeanna as they talk telepathy and cocoa in our 318th episode!

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“MuggleCast” Episode 317: “One Wish” Now Available!

Newt Scamander’s older brother Theseus has been cast! And the actor playing him… is younger than Eddie Redmayne. But that can’t stop us from getting excited as we delve into a character analysis of what we know about Theseus! Join Andrew, Eric and Micah on this latest weekly episode of MuggleCast.

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“MuggleCast” Episode 315: “Youngledore” Now Available!

We have a Dumbledore! Actor Jude Law’s casting for the first Fantastic Beasts sequel is met with general praise and anticipation by your hosts. Join Andrew, Micah and Eric as they tackle that and more of the latest news on this weekly episode of MuggleCast!

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“MuggleCast” Episode 313: “Cha-Ching” Now Available!

So many tie-in books are now on shelves in bookstores across the world! We’re here this week to break them down for you. Misprints a-bound? Six new beasts have been added, at the seeming expense of a single paragraph! Join Andrew, Eric and Micah as they deep dive into the new edition of Fantastic Beasts the book.

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