Fan Art of the Week: Terrifying battle in Godric’s Hollow

In this weeks Fan Art Submission, we take a look at an upcoming scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. A scene that will be sure to frighten most audience members: Hary and Hermione go to visit Godric’s Hollow and come across a very elderly witch Bathilda Bagshot. What happens next? Well, take a look at this wonderful drawing.

This week, our picture comes from James Stone, a dedicated fan of the series for eleven years. His submission is titled “Shattered” and was done in watercolor pencils. This drawing comes to us at a perfect time as we anxiously await the release of the Part 1 trailer tomorrow evening.

Noah’s Notes: This picture is full of action-and full of colors. Notice how the red from the explosive spell creates a glow that lights up everything from the front of the snake to the flying window shards to Harry’s rimmed glasses. At the same time, James brings blue tones forward, illuminating the right side of the page and adding form to Hermione’s back and left arm. The style is cartoony. Very reminiscent, in fact, of Dragonball Z…Awesome work James!

As MuggleCast is currently doing Chapter-by-Chapter on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we ask fans to submit your drawing for next week based on the upcoming discussion of Chapters 10-12 (“Mayhem at the Ministry”, “Aboard the Hogwarts Express”, and “The Triwizard Tournament”). We appreciate all of your hard work on these drawings you send in, and we remind you to submit your artwork by following the instructions found here.