Fan Focus: Alexis – September 5, 2010

Age 12 – United States

First off, how did you become a Harry Potter fan?

I was around eight years old, my cousins had read all the books that were out and highly recommeded them to me and my twin sister. I am sad and slightly embarrased to say that I really had no interest in them. Then one night my mom almost forced us to sit on the couch and listen as she read the first one aloud to us. I still wasn’t interested after the first chapter, but once Harry set the snake on Dudley at the zoo I was hooked. I begged my mom to read more and more. In a few days we had finished the first one and eagerly pulled out the second.

It has been over three years since Deathly Hallows came out and we found out how the series ended. Do you have the same reaction to the ending now, as you did then?

I think I have a somewhat different reaction to the ending as I did the first time I read it. The first time I read it quickly, rushing to the end so it wouldn’t be spoiled. I was younger and didn’t understand some of the concepts in the book as well as I do now. I get more out of it each time I read it. however, some things will always be the same, I still get teary at each death, I still laugh at Fred and George’s jokes, and I still have extensive knowlege of random Harry Potter facts.

Deathly Hallows: Part 1 was screened in Chicago to a very lucky audience, including some MuggleNet staff members! If you read the reviews, what did you think? If you didn’t read them, why not?

I didn’t read any of the reviews. I don’t really feel the need to know what other people thought about it because I don’t want it to ruin what I thought about the movie. I want to make my own decisions. I obviously already know most of what is going to happen in it from reading the book that I don’t want to know everything that happens in it. I am super excited for when I do get to see it! I have a countdown in my room that says the amount of days until it comes out!

The Deathly Hallows movie split was announced this month via Entertainment Weekly. If you read the spoiler, what do you think? Where would YOU split the movie?

I did read the spoiler. I think that it was a great spot to split it and I have to say, thats almost exactly where I thought it would be. I guessed that it would be right before then. I would probably put it either right after they got back to from the Malfoy Manor, and have Part 2 open with Dobby’s death, or right after the Snatchers find them and make it a good cliffhanger ending (at least for those who haven’t read the book).

WWoHP had it’s 1,000,000th visitor this month – already! Have you visited the park, or have plans to? What were/are you most excited to see/visit?

I haven’t made it there yet, but I really want to. My sister and I have been making plans to go but none of them have worked out. It’s alright though because I really don’t want to have to wait and hour to go on one ride anyway. I can tell it’s amazing though!

Harry Potter: The Exhibition announced that it’s final US stop was going to be Seattle! If you’ve made it to the exhibition, what did you think? If not, are you excited for the Seattle stop?

I did take a two hour trip to Boston just to see it. I thought everything about it was great! I loved seeing all those props from the movies. Now everytime I watch the movie I’m like, “I saw that!” I have to say my favorite part was the end when you get put into this giant Harry Potter gift shop! I was in heaven! I was like “I want this and this and this!” Overall, it was a great experience. My only complaints are, I wish you could touch the stuff and take pictures of it.

OMG! Emma cut her hair off! Love it, or dislike it?

Hmmm thats a tough one, I guess if she likes it, it’s great. To me it’s like a symbol that the movies are over and I don’t want to let go to them. I just liked the Hermione style a lot I guess.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I just want to say thank you to Kat for picking me. Harry Potter means so much to me. It has been a major, exciting part of my life. I would like to make a shout out to my best Harry Potter friends who I met at a Harry Potter themed summer camp! A theory I still believe to be true is that ther is some kind of connection between Arabella Figg and Argus Filch, they are both squibs, both have an obsession with cats and their initials are both A.F. Thanks again!!