First of our Weekly Fan Art Submissions

Last week, we announced a new weekly post showcasing one of the submitted Fan Art drawings that was recently sent in to our Fan Art Section. Our staff member, Noah Fried, will be posting all of the submitted work in the Fan Art Section and will be picking out one for a post here on the front page.

This week’s drawing comes to us from Santa Catarina, Brazil. Thiago Buzzy, 23, attends a design school and is a freelance animator. Inspired by Harry Potter since 2000, he hopes to attend art school in the USA or Europe upon graduation.

Noah’s Notes: Seen clearly in the full-scale drawing, Thiago used a combination of 2B and 8B pencils to create a scene from Prisoner of Azkaban in a style very reminiscent to Mary GrandPre. By implementing darks and lights around Buckbeak, it gives him a curved form in his body and limbs. Also, by using a smudged sky background, we are reminded of the tense rescue mission taking place. Great job Thiago.

Submit your drawing for next week based on Goblet of Fire chapters 7-9 in keeping with the current edition of MuggleCast Episode 208. Or, perhaps you would prefer to draw your favorite scene for the upcoming Deathly Hallows Part 1 movie. Please submit your drawing by following the instructions found here. All levels of experience are welcome to contribute, and you may find your drawing here on the front page news.