Fan Art of the Week: Harry in stunning detail

Our artist this week is Ehssan Nosrati, a 27-year-old cartoonist and animator from Iran. Ehssan has been a long time fan of both the Harry potter series and MuggleNet. This amazing drawing of Harry shows how J.K. Rowling’s magic has touched millions of us around the world.

Noah’s Notes: This picture makes excellent use of blue tones. Notice how Ehssan curls blue color around Harry’s left coat sleeve, giving it that round shape. Similarly, he brings out the form of the shirt by varying light and dark tones, which seem to dip in points and curve around Harry’s frame. There’s even a little blue in Harry’s hair, which reflects the wispy background. Harry exudes power in this picture, and the green eyes and red scar are very striking, appropriately. Well done, sir!

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