Fan Art of the Week: ‘Tin-Trio’

This week’s Fan Art comes from Tin Nguyen, age 17 from Minnesota. He first read Harry Potter when he was in second grade, and likewise first took up art when he was very young – starting with magic markers when he was in kindergarten. Tin doesn’t take any classes, but drawing has been a hobby of his for years.

Noah’s Notes: This image inspired by the series is like a snapshot, capturing the trio in front of Hogwarts castle – possibly right at the moment where they apparate into Hogsmeade and find the invisibility cloak of little use. Interestingly, rather than using line-drawing techniques to bring out detail, Tin uses value and color to form the characters and the castle. Also, he uses the light from the wand tips and the full moon to cast white on the scene, but otherwise the background is in darkness. Great contrast, and a great piece of art!

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