Fan Art of the Week: ‘Bathilda’s Secret’

Our next picture comes from Andres, 20 years old from a small town in California’s Salinas Valley. He discovered Harry Potter when he was in the fifth grade and has been a fan ever since. He has been drawing since he was ten, often times attempting to recreate objects from Harry’s magical world. At the moment he is studying at California State Northridge, in LA.

Noah’s Notes: Andres piece titled ‘Bathilda’s Secret’ was inspired by the seventeenth chapter of the US version of ‘Deathly Hallows’, in which Nagini lures Harry to Bathilda’s house and next emerges from the dead woman’s skin. The picture is a thoughtful and accurate representation of that scene. The figures are drawn in graphite pencil, and the murky background was added digitally: but expertly done and sets the dark mood. I like, especially, the subtle color Andres uses to bring out the eyes…good work!

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