Fan Art of the Week: ‘Neither can live while the other survives’

Our next picture comes from Sharlene Kao. She has been painting for about five years. This piece, titled Neither can live while the other survives’, was done in acrylic paints and based on a promotional poster for ‘The Dark Knight’. She has been a fan of the Harry Potter series ever since she was five years old and she is ‘SUPER excited’ for the new movie.

Noah’s Notes: For starters, I really like how the faces of Voldemort and Snape are the only visible thing coming out of the dark background. I also like how she has used subtle blues to bring out certain facial structures, such as around Snape’s nose and chin. Likewise, the white color around Voldemort’s cheekbone really brings out his sunken eye and the dark, hollow of his jaw line. The lips are beautifully drawn as well. Great work Sharlene!

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