Fan Art of the Week: ‘Weasley is our King’

Today’s submission comes from Ariana, who used acrylic paints to construct Ron Weasley on a t-shirt. Seeing Ron in his Hogwarts attire reminds us all that ‘Weasley is our King’, and few fans out there would disagree!

Noah’s Notes: This excellent portrait shows Ron in a sitting position as if he were posing for a school yearbook photograph! He’s got his school robes on as well as his Gryffindor tie, which was made simply but perfectly so. I like especially how the white collar of his white shirt pops out and falls on his blue robes. The folds of his robe are very realistic; Ariana mixed blue and black color to show the form of Ron’s body as well as to add shading. The yellow shirt, too, seems to add something to the picture and acts as an appropriate background. Great work Ariana!

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