Fan Focus: Philipp – March 13, 2011

Age 18, Germany


First off, how did you become a Harry Potter fan?

It’s a long long story to tell how I became a Harry Potter fan, or not, I don’t really know. I started ready it when I was eight, I think, first it was only a book like everything else. But a special book, because it was the first book that I read wholly. (Hope this is the right word^^) After a time, Harry Potter became an idol. I was sitting in my room and thought about being in his world. Not being famous or the teacher’s pet or something like this. Only to feel free. Sometimes I thought, or even think, that his aunt and his uncle are like my parents, but I don’t have a Dudley in my outer field. And in Hogwarts, Harry and his friends are free to do whatever they want. They have fun, fine subjects studied and really good friends. All things I didn’t have in former times (ok I didn’t even have the good subjects studied now^^). As I was 11 I was waiting for the letter to come to me and bring me to a better world, and I hated the books as the letter didn’t come to me. I think this was the beginning, today it’s a bit nerdy, because I listen to Harry Potter audiobooks to go to sleep for 3 years every evening.

Welcome back! It’s the first day of your second year at Hogwarts. Upon return to the castle, what’s the thing you look forward to most?

After two months I’m back in Hogwarts, what a feeling. I think the first I would go to is the dinner =) I’m really hungry now. Then I would search for hagrid to go to the Forbidden Forest (hope it’s the same in English). I must be really nice with all the great animals and the trees and everything is as big as I never thought things could be. Then I would go to my private place. If I were one year at Hogwarts, I had found a place only for me and my best friends and I would like to see this again. And then, I’ll go to sleep I think. 10 hours in a train is a long long time =)

Being a parseltongue is super cool, but if you could communicate with any non-verbal creature or object, it would be…?

Oh lord, it would be really really crazy if I could talk to my bed table or something like this. The image is really creepy, but it would be really nice to talk to my cuddly toy. I love this pinniped, it’s my best friend since I think 10 years, ok not my best friend but the attender as I had no friends. Oh, I love this cuddly pet, ok digress.

Dumbledore has given permission to restart Dueling Club, due to the attacks on Muggleborns. Do you join?

Duel club, yeah it would be nice. I like to battle with my friends, seeing who is best and learning from them. It would be something like a hobby and I would ask dumbledore or someone who stands near to him to make this as a whole consortium.

Which do you think you’d excel at? Memory Charms like professor Lockhart, clever puzzles and riddles like Hermione, or chess like Ron?

I would play chess like Ronald does it. It’s a really easy thing to decide, because I love logical thinking and it’s nearly the only thing I need to play chess. But the memory charms would be nice if my parents ban something. =) Yeah ähm, maybe, no I would play chess^^

Tom Riddle preserved himself in a diary for fifty years, in hopes that one day his true heir would surface. Would you ever do that? Make a Horcrux?

I wouldn’t make a Horcrux, because if I do that I have to kill someone, but I think I would do something like the diary, because I think one life isn’t enough to learn everything you need to be a powerful person, and if I get such a person, one life wouldn’t be enough to tell someone else. So this diary is my access to the world living after me, and I can affect what happens there.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add? Maybe a theory you still believe to be true, a shout-out, praise for yours truly?

There is something I want to say to everyone who reads this. An idea is the beginning of all. If you have an idea you have to live it. You have to believe in it. And you have to believe in this idea. If you live like this, you will be the happiest person ever.