Fan Focus: Steyn – March 6, 2011

Age 18, South Africa


First off, how did you become a Harry Potter fan?

How did I become a Harry Potter fan? That’s easy; it all started when I was in Grade 8 I was living with my evil Stepmother and my father lol. And as you have noticed I despised her so I needed something to get my mind off her so I remembered how awesome the Harry Potter movies were and one of my best friends told me about the books so I started reading them. At that stage of my life I despised reading so I wasn’t so excited about reading but I went and bought myself the newest book which was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I started reading bits and bits but every time I pick the book up it took me longer and longer to put down and so after that first book I haven’t stopped, I have read all 7 books about 12 times each and I am busy reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire again. And thanks to the Harry Potter books and movies I no longer live with my stepmother.

Welcome back! It’s the first day of your second year at Hogwarts. Upon return to the castle, what’s the thing you look forward to most?

The thing I look forward to most in my second year at Hogwarts is just to be back at the awesome school with all my friends and to learn some spells. The best thing about Hogwarts is that around every corner there is an adventure just waiting to happen and that is what I like about Hogwarts. I also love the spells that you can learn especially the fancy ones that Hermione uses. And the thing everybody loves about school is your school friends.

Being a parseltongue is super cool, but if you could communicate with any non-verbal creature or object, it would be…?

If I could speak with any animal I would if I had to choose a magical animal I would choose a hippogriff because they look so cool and they seem like nice animals to have as pets and I would love to have a Hippogriff as a pet and be able to communicate with it. It can also be fun to have the Hippogriff understand you so that you can set them on your enemies like Draco haha. If I have to choose a non-magical animal I would choose a dog because I love dogs and they always seem so happy and they also always seem to want to talk to you.

Dumbledore has given permission to restart Dueling Club, due to the attacks on Muggleborns. Do you join?

Yes, I would join the duelling club because I think muggle-borns are better than purebloods or most of them because they think they are better than muggle-borns and that’s just wrong I dislike people that think they are better than others. I would also join the duelling club to learn how to defend myself and to learn how to duel. I think I would do well in the duelling club because have very fast reflexes.

Which do you think you’d excel at? Memory Charms like professor Lockhart, clever puzzles and riddles like Hermione, or chess like Ron?

I think I would excel in puzzles and riddles like Hermione because I like to do things like that I like to do challenging things. But I can play chess maybe not as good as Ron but I am pretty good but I must say I am more of a sport kind of guy I play all sorts of games like rugby and hockey so I think I would excel more in Quidditch. Like Harry Potter. But if you think about it sports are like puzzles you just have to think faster.

Tom Riddle preserved himself in a diary for fifty years, in hopes that one day his true heir would surface. Would you ever do that? Make a Horcrux?

I would never make a Horcrux because to make a Horcrux you have to kill someone and I would never be able to do that. It is also evil magic and something that I will never what to do. The thought of me breaking a part of my soul off and putting it into a book or something. No thank you I like my soul in one piece.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add? Maybe a theory you still believe to be true, a shout-out, praise for yours truly?

I just want to say thank you again for this chance to be Harry Potter fan of the week. I would also like to say Harry Potter books and movies are amazing I would like to meet J.K Rowling one day as well as Daniel Radcliff, Rupert Grunt, and Emma Watson. They could not have chosen better people to play in the movies. I would also love to go to the Harry Potter theme park one day. And it was the Harry Potter series that got me through my parents’ divorce and I am so glad I found it before I started doing stupid things.