Fan Focus: Mike – June 19, 2011

Fan of the week photo

23-year-old Mike from Amsterdam


First off, how did you become a Harry Potter fan?

It all started when I was 12-13 and the First movie come to the small movie theater in my hometown in north Greece (yes, it came delayed for about 2 months, the whole world exploded in Potter and I knew nothing)! I saw the movie and I was enchanted! I instantly wanted more Potter! ANY Potter! and the first book that I found was Goblet of Fire! I read first the 4th and later the other 2 (2nd-3rd)! I even created my own fan-club, having 5 members, including my mother and my cousin! The next movies came out and in the meantime, I moved to Athens (Greek capital) and I started working in a multiplex theater! Still, I am known as the Crazy Potter Fan! I watched any movie over 10 times, and that’s only in the Cinema!

Welcome back, OWL student! You get to choose your classes this year, and you know for sure that you want to take…

Now that I am on my Fifth year and a proud OWL student I have to choose my classes, and I know exactly what I want to be when I grow up! I want to become a Healer and start working at St. Mungo’s helping people! So I have to be careful with my class choices! I have to take Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, Charms, and Defence against the dark arts. I know that I have to achieve Exceeds Expectations later at my N.E.W.T but I promise Pr. McGonagall that I would do whatever it takes not to let you down! Do you have any spare time machine for me, please? not much time for reading, Day is too short!

Professor Slughorn is your new Potions instructor and you notice his appreciation of fame among the students and their connections. Do you think you would be invited to be a member of the Slug Club? Would you want to be? (Submitted by Lauren Watson)

I pretty a socialized person and I am the center of attention to my small circle of friends, which means that Pr. Slughorn will probably be interested in my charming aura (what the hell? who is talking for me?) but I’m not sure if I want to be a trophy guy! And I am sure that I don’t want to feed with information the guy that -even made by mistake- gave critical information to He-who-must-not-be-named! Sorry but I will pass the invitation to the next interested guy!

If you won a tiny vial of Felix Felicis, what would you use it for?

Tiny vial of Felix Felicis? Just for me? Oh you shouldn’t, you are so generous! Now but at work. My tiny vial will have to wait until the right moment comes! And this is my moment of Conquering the WORLD! Buahahahahaha!! No, really! I’m not kidding! Who doesn’t want that power? Not with armies and wars, but with love and peace (beauty pageant No.1)

If you could look at memories to learn all about someone’s past and history, who would it be and why?

You know, watching and studying the past and the memories of someone you are able to understand any thing more in depth about them! I will be more than thrilled to study the past of my friend and Partner Thanos! You may not know him but he is a very interesting guy and I love to be around him, but only if I could see more! I think everyone has to know their other half a little bit more! 😉

Harry is Quidditch Captain; Ron and Hermione are prefects; James and Lily were Head Boy and Girl…What do you think you’d do? Would you be enough of a role model to be a Prefect? Are you sporty? C’mon, tell us! (Submitted by DaneH98)

I would fit well as a Prefect but power at a young age isn’t a wise thing! As I told you before, I plan my Conquering stuff later, when I’ll have the knowledge to do it right! I was always the interesting, smarty guy who studies a lot but doesn’t care much about school! So please don’t count me in for a Prefect please! And for Sporty guy, you just knock on the wrong door! No, No, Not at all! Sports not my best, and you obviously don’t want me in your team! 😛

A Horcrux conceals a part of a person’s soul so that it remains on Earth should their body be killed, but can only be made by murdering someone. Would you make one?

Horcrux? Are we even allowed to talk about them? I am afraid of death, as anyone! Wouldn’t it be fun to live forever? NO! it would be boring and lonely! What we are without out friends and family? living longer than the rest just leaves you alone and miserable! Furthermore, none is allowed to take the life of another living creature, what and whoever this creature is and had done before! I will never be able to kill someone just to make me immortal! Can I pay someone to do it for me or it doesn’t count?