“Guardian” UK concludes poll, Severus Snape is favorite character

A recent poll from The Guardian asked its readership who their favorite Harry Potter character was, and they have compiled a Top 40 list of the results. At the top is our favorite Potions (and later Defense Against the Dark Arts) master, Severus Snape. The one-time headmaster of Hogwarts School may be pleased to know that he collected 20% of all 70,000 votes cast, and once again put Hermione Granger in her place (Hermione came in second).

Sirius Black scored bronze with the No. 3 spot, and Harry Potter only ranked Number 4 (and Ron Weasley in 5th). According to the article, Oliver Wood was #41 and therefore did not make the list.

For the full list of Top 40 characters based on the Guardian’s findings, check out the article right here. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character, and where do they rank on this list?

Eric S.

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