Fan Focus: Travis – October 23, 2011

18-year-old Travis from the United States

18-year-old Travis from the United States

First off, how did you become a Harry Potter fan?

I guess you can say that I have been a Harry Potter fan for as long as I can remember. My mother first bought me Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone back when I was in first grade. She read it to me, and to be honest, I had no idea that it would shape the man who I am today. Then on a random day while I was watching TV I saw a movie preview. I watched it wide-eyed taking in all of the things I was seeing, then the title screen appeared. I repeated what the announcer had said, “Harry Potter?” That sounded so familiar to me. I sat thinking and thinking, and then it hit me. I ran to my room, and reached all the way to the back of my bookshelf and pulled out the book with the boy on a broomstick. I, at that time, had no idea that my life finally began. Since that day, Harry Potter has made me who I am. The books inspired me to imagine, and the movies inspired my love for film and acting. If Harry Potter did not exist, I honestly do not know where I would be. A few days before the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 I knew the best 10 years of my life were about to end, and I needed something that I would always have with me to remind me what Harry Potter had always taught me. I got the Deathly Hallows symbol tattooed on my shoulder with the last line from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. “All Was Well.” Not only is it the last words from the story of Harry Potter, but it also means that a part of my life has ended, but a new part had begun, and all was well.

Deathly Hallows – Part 2!! Loved it? Hated it? Thoughts?

Words can not describe that movie. I do believe I was one of the first people to purchase my midnight showing tickets for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. My love for the series is so severe that I kept my tickets locked away in a fire safe box that only I have the combination for. One day one of my closest friends asked me, “What if your house caught fire the day of the midnight showing?” I looked at him and stated, “I would be concerned but it could wait until after the movie.” He laughed. I wonder if he knew that I wasn’t joking. I also prepped myself for the movie by getting a tattoo in honor of Harry Potter being such a big influence on my life. I got the Deathly Hallows symbol with the last line of the book. “All was well.” When people ask me what that means years from now, I will respond with, “It stands for the day one chapter of my life ended…and another one began…but all was well.” To be honest, I had no idea how I was going to react that night. I mean how could anyone be OK with the best 10 years of their life finally coming to an end? I arrived at the theater at 4:00 pm. with my mother and my best friend Chad. We sat and waited. For the longest time, we were the only ones waiting for the movie. Then, around 5 or 6, a couple showed up. Around that time the theater workers began to set up the ropes for the different queue lines for the theaters. I don’t know why it was such a big deal for me, but I wanted to be first in line for the last Harry Potter film. I approached the beginning of the ropes only to be pushed back a little by the people setting up the lines. Then I noticed that the couple beside me were also gunning for the first spot. It was on! We got into a huge, but friendly, debate about why either of us HAD to be first. I eventually won by showing them my tattoo. It finally hit me when we entered the theater. I knew then, that it would be the most emotional night I had ever been through. When the title screen appeared my eyes watered, and I couldn’t breathe. The first chapter of my life was coming to an end. The movie was beyond amazing. From a filmmaker’s standpoint, it was such an experience. I can honestly say that it was the happiest, and also the saddest night of my life. There were so many good things to point out, that I can’t name them all. The actors gave their best performances. Overall the best actor had to be Alan Rickman. His performance was one of the best in the entire history of film. Seeing him cry with Lily in his arms was so heart-wrenchingly good, that I could barely see through my bloodshot eyes. Props to you Alan, you made this big guy cry. I honestly haven’t cried because of a movie that much since Titanic, and I don’t care who you are, you cried during Titanic. I could not imagine this movie being done any better. So on behalf of every Harry Potter fan, I would like to thank everyone who had anything to do with the production of these movies. These were not just movies, they were history. From the very bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!

Now that all eight films are out, how to feel about the movie series as a whole? Favorite? Least favorite?

There is no doubt about it, this movie series will never die. This series IS the new Star Wars. In 50 years people are going to be like, “What’s Star Wars?” I can honestly say that I will never forget the best 10 years of my life. My favorite of the bunch has to be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. The movie was beyond amazing. From a filmmaker’s standpoint, it was such an experience. The acting was just flawless. I do believe that Alan Rickman deserves an Oscar for his performance. It was just so heart-wrenchingly good, that you could not help but to cry. He really did bring the passion that Snape had in the final book to life. My mom felt so bad for hating Snape. Unlike me, she had not read the final book so she had no idea that he was the hero. So now whenever she sees Snape in an earlier Harry Potter film, she almost cries. She’s sorry Snape, she is sorry!! She doesn’t hate you.

If you could have one prop from any of the eight films, what would you choose and why?

I would have to pick the Sword of Gryffindor. It was almost the key item in the entire series. Without that sword, Harry would not have been able to destroy Voldemort. It was also one of the main elements of the last movie. Every wizard in Harry Potter had a wand, but only a select few were worthy enough to wield the sword of Gryffindor, and I would love to think that I would be a worthy Gryffindor.

We just got a sneak peek at the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, which opens March 31, 2012. Do you plan on going, and if so, what are you excited to see?

If I honestly had a chance to go there I would probably die. I am just a poor college student, and I would never be able to afford to go there. But boy do I wish I could. It would be amazing to see all of the things in the movie up close and personal. Maybe one day when I am out of college I will be able to afford to see it, but for now, I get to plan my summer trip to the Wizarding World with my friend Maddie.

Pottermore! Are you in? If so, tell us about your experience. If you’re not in, what are you looking forward to most?

Sadly I was working the day everyone submitted to get into Pottermore. One reason I hate my job even more. My friend Maddie says it is really neat. I have to say that I was a little disappointed when the news was revealed about Pottermore. I wanted it to be an online RPG so bad. Hopefully one day in the near future, they will introduce that.

Two AMAZING events are happening the weekend of November 12th; The Harry Potter Home Entertainment Celebration in Orlando, and the Muggle Quidditch World Cup in New York City! Are you attending either event? If not, which would you like to attend if you could, and why?

This just proves even more that being a poor college student stinks. If I could attend one of the events, I would pick The Harry Potter Home Entertainment Celebration in Orlando. It would be such an honor to be within the same area as Rupert Grint and the Phelps twins. I can honestly say that being that would be the biggest event of my life.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add? Maybe a theory you still believe to be true, a shout-out, praise for yours truly?

I would love to thank you guys at MuggleNet for all your hard work over the years. I have come to you for years for news and information about everything Potter. I would also want to thank my mother, who grew as attached to Jo’s characters as I have. I would like to give a shout out to my friend Maddie. HI MADDIE!!!

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