Fandom videos spotlight: ‘Awesome’ house pride videos

UPDATE: The public registration for Pottermore is still scheduled to open at the end of this month, only the e-books have been delayed until 2012.

You may have heard that official registration for Pottermore has been delayed until 2012. As observes what would have been the first whole week of fans getting officially sorted into the four Hogwarts houses, this week’s videos address the topic of those houses themselves.

Our first video examines the traits that allegedly matter most in securing the banners of gold/scarlet, green/silver, blue/bronze, and black/gold… and whether or not a house is harder to classify than the rest. Performed by members of the Second City network in Los Angeles, California, it is great to see Hogwarts receive the professional treatment in this video.

The next video this week features one of our favorite Wizard Rock songs about Houses, the “House of Awesome Theme Song” by The Whomping Willows. Sung from the perspective of The Whomping Willow himself (or… itself), the song demonstrates how Sorting is potentially flawed and/or offensive and rejects any of the four Hogwarts houses in favor of a fifth, which is the house called “Awesome.” Lyrics are provided in this video, as well as some imagery of Whompy and his friends.‎

Tune in next week for more fandom videos! Thanks to Skyler for this week’s suggestion.

Eric S.

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