Warwick Davis talks about playing Griphook, recounts funny Voldemort story

This afternoon, we sat down with actor Warwick Davis who, throughout the Harry Potter films has played many roles, including that of Charms professor Filius Flitwick. For the final film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, Davis helmed the more sinister character of Griphook.

From our interview:

[Griphook] was a great character to play. All through the movies I’ve played Professor Flitwick and other goblins, but they’ve been in the films and often been part of the light relief, and comic moments. Which it’s lovely to have, but finally, with Deathly Hallows – Part 2, Griphook for me was a chance to really have a character who makes a difference to the story and the plot. He has some bearing on what our heroes do. The character has a journey, an A to B point – B being DEAD… should be an “A to D” point, actually. A to dead…

But it’s really rewarding and David Yates was excited that I was going to be playing the character, and we both had a lot of fun bringing him to screen. From the first scene with Harry, through to the sneaking into Gringotts and all that stuff. It was great to film, and just a great experience to be working closely with David on all of that.

Warwick also discussed fellow actor Ralph Fiennes, and after complimenting him on how scary he was in the film, had this to say:

However amazing [Fiennes] is, he’s not completely flawless! I remember filming in Malfoy Manor (when Griphook is dead, and is laying in the blood). There was a lot of blood there… I think I laid there for five hours there.

But as I’m laying there I’m looking through a crack in my eye, watching the scene unfold. I’m thinking, “Wow this is amazing, isn’t it?” It’s a scene of destruction, with the Goblins that have been slaughtered by Voldemort. And I can see Ralph walking through them, doing his line. And during one particular take, I was watching and he started strolling through, very dramatic, and all of a sudden he slipped. It was just like somebody slipping on a banana skin, because he doesn’t wear shoes and then… slipping on all the blood, it just killed it for me. It was very funny.

Our full interview with actor Warwick Davis will be transcribed and provided on the site soon.

Eric S.

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