First episode of MuggleNet’s new podcast ‘Alohomora!’ now released

Update: You can now subscribe to Alohomora! for free directly on iTunes.

For weeks we’ve been teasing about a new and exciting thing coming to MuggleNet, and last week we revealed this mysterious something was a new podcast brought to you by fans and MuggleNet staff, and a brand new interactive section on the site. The goal of this initiative? To create the nerdiest, largest, and most entertaining book club in the world.

Leading this movement to re-read the Harry Potter series from the very beginning, several staff members have stepped forward to create a new podcast which is completely centered on book analysis and sharing fan-made, Harry-inspired content with listeners worldwide.

The first episode on our new podcast analyzes chapters 1-3 of Philosopher’s Stone, and you can listen to it right here in our Alohomora! section, as well as learn how you can be a host on our next show. If you enjoy it, and would like to chat about Harry Potter with thousands around the world, register to become a member of our new section and rejoin your extended Muggle family online.