Alohomora! Episode 4: “An Abundance of Bogies” Is Now Available

The fourth episode of our new Potter podcast, Alohomora!, is now available for download. Listen in as MuggleNet hosts Caleb, Kat, Noah, and Rosie continue the exciting journey through the Harry Potter series. For this episode, the subject of discussion was Chapters 9–10 of Sorcerer’s Stone. You can listen directly in your browser below.



On the show we discuss…

– Episode 3 recap: The Gray Lady, Filch, evil characters, and Desk!Pig
– Is Transfiguration essentially science?
– Special Feature Recap & PQOTW: The Sorting Hat
– The forgetful Remembrall
– Hermione shows her inner Eagle, time and time again!
– Harry Potter: Piñata?
– Snape and McGonagall… BFFs?
– The Alohomora! charm appears for the first time!
– Cerberus and Fluffy… Dante’s pets?
– Male/female equality and the pure-blood point of view
– Is Quirrell simply a really good actor?
– The trio is formed!
Special Feature: What if?
Question of the Week


Alohomora! is a collaborative project between MuggleNet staff and fans worldwide to rediscover the magic of Harry Potter one chapter at a time. If you’d like to follow along and catch up with the latest episodes of Alohomora!, you can subscribe to us on iTunes (for free) right here! To keep up to date with all other updates from the collaborative section, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.