Alohomora! Episode 7: ‘The Power of Seven’ is now available for download!

The seventh episode of our new Potter podcast Alohomora! is now available for download. Listen in as MuggleNet hosts Kat, Caleb, and Rosie are joined by guest host AJ of MuggleNet Interactive, pushing onward in our journey through the Harry Potter series. For this episode, the subject of discussion was chapters 15-16 of Philosopher’s Stone. You can listen directly in your browser below.

On the show we discuss…

– Episode 6 recap: Motherly Hagrid, Hermione & the Mirror of Erised, Gamp’s Gold, Flying Snape & the dog bite, The Cloak, and Hogwarts Security
– Special Feature Recap: The Beast Inquisition – Dragons
– PQOTW responses
– Is being caught out of bed really a big deal?
– Books to Brooms!
– Smack the Centaur
– Difference between already dead & slain
– The Mysterious Headmaster
– Harry the Seer?
– The true, pure Gryffindor
– The Seven Tasks
Special Feature: The Unspeakables – Destiny & the Centaurs
Question of the Week


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