“Alohomora!” Episode 9: “A Tale of Two Titles (LIVE)” is now available for download!

The ninth episode of Alohomora! is now available for download! Listen in as MuggleNet hosts Noah, Kat, Caleb, and Rosie embark on the first LIVE episode of the show, which was recorded last weekend. In this newest episode, the hosts take a final look at Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, or if you prefer, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (see title!). The conversation captures some interesting points about the first book in addition to a film discussion!

On the show we discuss…

– Episode 8 recap: Mirror of Erised/Horcruxes, Quirrell, The Color Green, Dumbledore the Snitch?
– Special Feature Recap: International Book Covers
– PQOTW responses
Avada Kedavra = dead? Yes? No?
– Overall book theories
– Title Mechanics
– If J.K.R. were a man…
– Movie discussion: Neville, Peeves, Binns, Bane, & more
– James Potter: Chaser or Seeker?
– Which Dumbledore is the best Dumbledore?
– Harry, Ron, & Hermione spread some Alohomora! love!
– We start Chamber of Secrets on our next episode!

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Everyone should get ready… we move on to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in our next episode!