“Alohomora!” to start global re-read of “Chamber of Secrets” with new episode this weekend

If you’ve been following MuggleNet.com over the past few months, you probably already know about Alohomora!, our fan-powered initiative to rediscover the book series and analyze it collectively online.

What you may not know however is that since our launch in May we’ve become one of the largest Harry Potter book clubs ever. We’ve seen a massive growth of members in our general Alohomora! section, thousands of posts in our new forums, and thousands more listening to our podcasts (released bi-weekly) and we’d like to thank all the fans who have listened, commented, and even joined us on these episodes!

If I may speak for my co-hosts – Caleb, Rosie and Kat – it’s been a blast, and we loved working through the chapters of book one with all of you and we hope you’re excited for book two! Expect the next episode to be released this Saturday night, if you live in the United States.

We begin this week with analysis of the first two chapters of the book. Be sure to read them before you listen to the episode! – (now that’s some enticing homework).