‘Harry Potter’ Actors Discuss Stunts, Comic Relief, and More in ABC Exclusive Clips

During exclusive interviews that aired on ABC Family during a Harry Potter marathon last week, fans got to hear some new tidbits about the filming of the Harry Potter movies.

Each clip was only about a minute long, but still provided interesting new information from our favorite Harry Potter actors. In one clip, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe each discuss memorable stunts from the film, another interview features Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe talking about the “Girl Power” of Hermione, and one clip spotlights Tom Felton emphasizing how much fun he had filming dueling scenes with Daniel Radcliffe.

The longest of the four mini-interviews revealed some of the actors’ favorite scenes of comic relief:  Tom loved Gilderoy Lockhart, Daniel was impressed by Rupert’s Quidditch tactics in the sixth film, and Matthew Lewis liked when Snape hit Harry and Ron in the head with a book for talking in Goblet of Fire.

Watch all four of the clips here.

Jessica J.

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