First official “Kill Your Darlings” photo released

The first official image from Daniel Radcliffe’s film Kill Your Darlings has been released. The image, which appears to be grabbed from an as-yet-unreleased trailer, gives fans their first glimpse of Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg, as well as shows his co-stars Dane DeHaan, Ben Foster, and Jack Hudson as Lucien Carr, William Burroughs, and Jack Kerouac, respectively.

The image’s release coincides with the release of the full schedule for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Kill Your Darlings will premiere at the festival on Saturday, January 19. Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint’s latest film The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman will also premiere at Sundance, screening on Monday, January 21.

Does Radcliffe do the Beat poet justice in the new image? Are you more excited for the release of Kill Your Darlings or The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman? Let us know in the comments below!

Jessica J.

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