Mere Hours Remain to Order Your 2013 Fandom Calendar!

As the first month of the new year draws to a close, so too does the ability to order our first ever calendar, the MuggleNet 2013 fandom calendar. If you’ve seen both the first and second commercials, heard your favorite Potter characters discussing the calendar in the Gryffindor common room, seen our previous posts about the calendar, and still haven’t gotten around to getting one for yourself or a friend? Now is officially your last chance!


The 2013 Fandom Calendar is unlike any other calendar on the market. It isn’t just some image that you have seen 20 times before, slapped onto a page with a calendar grid. The images of the calendar are directly from the fandom (in fact, maybe even of you! Yes, you) and speak directly to what is so awesome about Potter fans – EVERYTHING.


Okay, so the calendar has images from the fandom. Cool. It’s the grid that makes this calendar special. Sure, it includes the normal holidays, but did you know that it also has Potter actor/actress birthdays? Book and movie release dates? Character birthdays? Fan conventions? DATES FROM THE POTTER BOOKS? There is literally so much information packed into this calendar that you’re never going to want a Muggle one again.


The calendar is printed on 100-lb card stock, in high definition color, and is absolutely HUGE! This calendar is BIG! It’s not your normal 8.5″ x 11″-calendar. It’s a full 11″ x 17″ of Potter fandom glory. It is, quite honestly, as incredible as a pair of Dobby’s mismatched socks – Snitches, broomsticks, and FUN all included.

Again, only hours remain before this unique opportunity is lost forever!

Here’s to an excellent 2013!

Eric S.

Eric Scull joined MuggleNet in November of 2002. Since that time, he’s presided over a number of sections, including name origins and Dear Hogwarts, but none so long as the recently revived Crazy Caption Contest. Eric is a Hufflepuff who lives in Chicago and loves the outdoors.