Fan Art of the Week: Fan creates life-size Mandrake named “Stumpy”

Caitlin (aka @lightsfan1cm on Twitter) was once trying to purchase a Mandrake online when, after not finding one, she decided to create one of her own and show it to us. We think it looks pretty real! The Mandrake (which she has affectionately called ‘Stumpy’) was sculpted out of foam, painted, and then perfected with leaves and twigs to give the craft a real-life feel.

See a large image of the craft in its full Mandrake-glory right here!

MuggleNet has been featuring crafts as a special category within the Fan Art section for a long time now. If you would like to submit any kind of art piece to the site, submit it in an e-mail to

And while we’re on the subject of Twitter and Mandrakes, you may want to consider following the Mandrake Liberation Front – a small collective of Mandrakes dedicated to preserving their population from the evil Pomona Sprout.