“Alohomora!” Favorite Moment #4

To celebrate their one year anniversary, every week between now and April 18, the hosts of Alohomora! are going to share one of their favorite moments with you. You might be surprised as to which moments some of them pick…or not surprised at all. Be sure to read each of their posts carefully though, as they will provide hints and clues to a very exciting announcement that the podcast is making on its actual anniversary, April 18.

The podcast’s Executive Producer (and occasional host) Laura shares with us her favorite moment from the past year:

When we decided to start Alohomora! last year, I volunteered to be our editor. On our first episode, everyone was making mistakes and a lot of our flubs hit the cutting room floor. But at one point, Noah starting eating a sandwich while attempting to continue recording the show. The other hosts stopped him from trying to eat and talk, and Noah directed a message to me. “Leave this in here, it gives us character.” I thought about deleting it, but decided to stick it in at the end of the show after the outros, like a bonus gag reel at the end of a movie. One year later, our most ridiculous moment still makes an appearance at the end of every episode. From me breaking into my campus library’s basement to record the episode, to Caleb inviting a Nazgul to join the show, this tradition is one that fans now look forward to. Here’s to another year of featuring our crazy.

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Kat Miller

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