CC #336: Week of March 31, 2013

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‘How’s it Goghing?’

Ginny: You did WHAT to the caption contest three years ago?!
George: *Winks*

‘Ears to the two of you.’

George: What did you say? I can’t hear you! I have a hole in my ear! What? Speak up!
Harry: I didn’t say anything, George…
George: WHAT?

‘It’s okay; I’m a watcher.’

Ginny: Hey, George!
George: I’m not George, I’m Fred!
Ginny: Nice try! You lost your ear, remember?
George: Touche.

Coffee’s a little burned; George couldn’t hear the timer go off.

George: I’ve changed my mind.
Ginny: Thank goodness; does the new one work any better?

George: Morning…
Harry and Ginny: It’s not what it looks…!
George: ‘Course not…Figment of my imagination.
Harry: What?
George: I’m still dreaming. There’s no way Harry’s so smooth that he would snog a girl, in her own house. With her parents upstairs. With all of her older brothers home.
Harry: But…
Ginny: Yes, you’re still dreaming! Now you have to go back to sleep to wake up!
George: Alright. Have fun, you two. *Wink, smirk*
Harry: But.
Ginny: Just let it go, Harry. Trust me.

George: ‘I ordered a whole bunch of tea cups just like this one. See, there’s you, Harry, and if you turn the cup around… there’s me… punching you in the face for kissing my sister.’

George: ‘You’re a little excited about the caption contest being back, aren’t you.’ *Winks*

George: Morning, Potter. I am going to finish my tea, then murder you for snogging my sister.
Harry: Funny, George.
George: I’m not joking. *Lifts glass* Cheers.

George: ‘So then, I took this very cup and smashed the grizzly bear over the head, knocking him straight out. He may have taken my ear, but I made him pay for it, all right.’

‘Well, well, well… what’ve we got ear?’

Basket: ‘We’ve been sitting here the whole time and they stop for him?!’

‘You two have big news? Go ahead, I’m all ears!’

George: ”’Hunting for horcruxes,” huh? Is that what kids are calling it these days?’

Harry: Where did your mother go?
George: She’s ’round at the front.
Harry: I know what she looks like; I want to know where she is.

George: ‘I had to cover my ears to block out the sound of you two snogging.’

George: ‘What? I can’t hear you. Just kidding’

George: ‘So, niece or nephew?’

Ginny: George, what would I have to give you to let me kiss Harry?
George: Chloroform.





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