Hogwarts valued at over $204 million in fictional real estate estimate

David Cross, a real estate agent, has estimated that if Hogwarts were real, its worth would be approximately $204,102,000.

He came up with his calculations based largely on tips from Harry Potter fans. For instance, one fan has made careful calculations and guessed that a likely location for the fictional school is in Scotland’s Galloway Hills. Therefore, David used real estate values from Galloway as part of his determination of Hogwarts’s value. He also used fan estimations of how many students attend Hogwarts to determine an approximate square footage, and made guesses about how spacious the school might be based on its prestigious reputation.

David developed his estimation for the “Novelty Real Estate” section of Movodo. You can read the original article about David’s process here, and you can check out his original post, with details about how he came up with his values, here.

Jessica J.

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