Alohomora! Episode 29: ‘Rat Prejudice’ – Now Available!

Alohomora! is a global re-read of the Harry Potter book series led by fans and MuggleNet staff, and today we’re continuing to “open the Dumbledore” with an episode analyzing the next chapter we’re up to in Prisoner of Azkaban – chapter 18 – Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs!

On Episode 29 you can expect…

→ Episode 28 Recap: Prejudice & the media; Sirius’ nosebleed; violence in literature; does age matter?
→ Special Feature Recap: Pottermore, In Depth
→ Is Harry or Ron more like Sirius?
→ Ghost Snape
→ Is a life debt really owed?
→ Special Feature: Beast Inquisition
Question of the Week
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