CC #348: Week of June 23, 2013

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Ron: *Off-screen* ‘The SECOND I leave you two just dance?!’
-The Doctor’s Daughter

Harry and Hermione attempt the Russian squat dance.
Harry: ‘I think holding onto each other while we do this is cheating.’

Hermione: We can dance if we want to; we just left Ron behind!
Ron: Thanks, gits!
-Samantha B.

Draco: *Out of nowhere* ‘Training for the ballet, Potter?’
-The Impossible Girl

Hermione became concerned about Voldemort’s growing influence over Harry when he wanted to dance to the casualty reports.

After four solid hours of square dancing, the duo realized Ron had taken the radio with him. So where was that music coming from…?

Skeeter’s Staged Scandal – Polyjuice Potion: Phony Potter Poorly Performs Polka with (Pretend) Pal’s Partner (and also, alliteration abounds).
-Jeremy X.

Harry: So, will you be dancing with Ron when he gets back?
Hermione: No way! I saw him and his two left feet at the Yule Ball.

Hermione: ‘Left, no MY LEFT, Harry!’

Harry: Wait. Why are we dancing again?
Hermione: Well, you’re famous because you’re destined to kill You-Know-Who, right?
Harry: Right.
Hermione: But once you’ve killed him, you won’t be the Chosen One anymore.
Harry: Right.
Hermione: People will love you for a while, but eventually it’ll quiet down, meaning you’ll have to be content with a B-list celebrity status.
Harry: …right.
Hermione: So, I thought we might as well train you as early as possible for your inevitable appearance on Strictly Come Dancing.

Harry and Hermione were happy to make it to Oregon, even if Ron had died of dysentery on the way.

It wasn’t until now, when he was staring deeply into Hermione’s eyes and saw only himself reflected, that Harry realized what an awful job she had done with his hair.

Harry: ‘I just know I can win the next season of ‘Dancing with the Stars!’

Hermione: ‘Concentrate, Harry! How will you defeat Voldemort if not in the Annual Wizarding Dance Competition?’

Hermione: *Thinking* This is the worst pity date ever…
-The Doctor’s Daughter

Harry: Wow! I can’t believe that we spontaneously broke out into dance and we both know what to do!
Hermione: *Face turns white* Harry…
Harry: What?
Hermione: We are turning into a musical!

Steve Kloves: Hey, what happened to the romantic candle-light I wrote into this scene?
David Yates: We cut it because it seemed too ship-py. I mean, we don’t want it to look like we’re trying to pair up Harry and Hermione, do we?
Steve Kloves: *Through gritted teeth* No, of course not.






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