Emma Watson and Sofia Coppola on NPR news

Emma Watson and director Sofia Coppola recently visited the studios of NPR news to talk about their new hit film The Bling Ring. Together the two talk about the process of filming the movie and the cultural connotations of portraying a group of teenagers obsessed with fame. In one of the best parts of the interview, Emma reveals an unusual way that she got into character. While Sofia had asked all of her young actors to keep journals as their characters, Emma took a different route:

I actually did a blog as Nicki because I thought that’s what she would do. I made a Tumblr page. And it had, like, pink leopard skin background and it had, like, tons of shoes and clothes…It was really fun.

The young starlet also muses on why these teenagers were driven to commit crimes in the first place.

Particularly, what I loved about Sofia’s script is that Nicki the character that can come home at 4 in the morning and the biggest reprimand that she would get would be the next morning for her mother to say, oh well, you know, try better next time kind of thing. For Nicki, there’s never any real consequences in her life to anything that she does. And if you don’t experience that in your home, then in the larger world, if you steal something, I just think they genuinely believed there weren’t going to be any real consequences.

You can listen to the interview or read the transcript here.

Jessica J.

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