“The Bling Ring” news round-up post!

Emma Watson’s highly anticipated film The Bling Ring doesn’t hit US theaters until tomorrow, but we’ve got the latest news on Emma and the film to tide you over until then!

First up, MTV has released some new stills from the movie. Click the link to get a sneak preview of a few of Emma’s high fashion ensembles from the film.

Emma was also looking fabulous in real life at the New York City premiere of the film a couple of days ago. You can check out Emma’s look here.

Finally, Emma recently gave an interesting interview where she talks about the process of preparing to film The Bling Ring, including revealing that she and her co-stars actually robbed a house to prepare for the film:

Sofia had me rob a house. I think the house belongs to Sofia’s cousins in LA. We ended up jumping in through a window. We stole some bags. It was very funny to see how, as [individuals], we reacted differently to the scenario. I was really horrified. But Taissa was like, ‘Wait guys, we should get something from the fridge. Is anyone hungry?’ I was like, ‘This is crazy!’ It was funny, but it definitely felt very wrong and weird.

In the interview, Emma also remarks on some vital differences between herself and the character she plays in The Bling Ring, Nicki:

[Fame] happened to me so [early in life]. I didn’t really know what it meant. In a way, that was helpful because it meant I didn’t realize that what I said would be syndicated to hundreds of publications. I didn’t realize how people would be reading it. Nicki definitely knows [what fame means] and she definitely is very interested in [it]. Being a notable, or a person that people know, is a very basic human need. But for someone like me, who jealously guards her privacy, it was difficult to relate to that aspect. I think Nicki just desperately wants to be loved.

Be sure and check out the rest of the interview to hear more of Emma’s musings on The Bling Ring! Will you be going to see the film in theaters tomorrow?

Jessica J.

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