Review: The Joe Moses Showses Tour


This past weekend, I was given the privilege of attending The Joe Moses Showses in Boston. This is the first time The Joe Moses Showses (previously known as The Joe Moses One-Man Showses or JMOMS) has been on tour and guest stars Curt Mega (Glee) and Tessa Netting (Billy Elliot) – as well as a wide range of other special guests along the way! It’s a brand new show created especially for tour, so even if you’ve been to a JMOMS show in the past, it’s definitely worth seeing this time!

The show was an approximately one hour long production featuring a mix of parodies, improv, original sketch comedy, and music. The Joe Moses Showses is an interactive experience, and as fans in the audience, you feel very much appreciated and part of the show being performed in front of you.

Each show satisfies the interests of a wide range of fandoms, including references to Doctor Who, Star Trek, superheroes, Harry Potter, StarKid, and an absurd (“That’s absurd!”) man with black hair and a long dress… just to name a few. As part of the show is improv, you never know what other fandom references will be thrown into the mix and this makes each performance unique, so no two shows are exactly the same.

Dates, information, and links for upcoming shows are as follows:

Tuesday, July 30, 8 p.m. & Wednesday, July 31, 8 p.m.
Stage 773
All tickets are VIP: includes meet and greet 1 hour before.

The Michigan Theater
Saturday, August 3, 3 p.m.
All seats assigned. VIP begins 1 hour prior to scheduled showtime and includes cast meet and greet.

Jon Lovitz Comedy Club
Saturday, August 10, 2 p.m.
Seating GA. VIP begins 1 hour before showtime and includes cast meet and greet and early admission into the theater. 2 item purchase minimum.

I would like to congratulate Joe (and Tessa and Curt) for the totally awesome performance and thank them very much for having me there – it was a great experience!

More information:
Joe’s Tumblr