David Heyman on Rowling’s film: “She has a story to tell.”

Earlier today, Hypable caught up with David Heyman, producer of the Harry Potter films, and asked him about the upcoming film series being penned by Rowling, based off of her Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them charity book.

When asked if he would be producing the first film, Heyman declined to comment. However, he did state the following:

As a fan, as a filmmaker, I am really… really… really excited. She’s a great storyteller, and I’m sure this will be something really great. She wouldn’t do it otherwise… she’s doing it because she needs to do it, because she has a story to tell. It’s going to be very good, I assure you.

Heyman’s passion for the Potter world is incontestable, and his confidence in the Fantastic Beasts story this early on comes as great news to fans who do not know what to expect from a non-Harry-centric plot. We look forward to hearing more from Heyman and other Potter collaborators in the near future!

Eric S.

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