Daniel Radcliffe featured in “SHARP”, “Slant”, and “Flaunt” magazines!

If you’ve been hanging out around any newsstands lately, you might think that you were living in “The Seven Potters” chapter of Deathly Hallows because Daniel Radcliffe is all over the place!

    • First off is Dan on the front of Canadian men’s magazine SHARP. Though the article contained inside cannot yet be found online, Dan certainly looks dapper on the cover!
    • The second publication where Radcliffe is featured this month is only online, but it has “magazine” in the title – so it still counts! In Slant Magazine, Daniel talks about his career and the much buzzed-about film Kill Your Darlings:

You know, it’s impossible to make a plan in the film industry. You can’t go, ‘Okay, if I picked this script and then this script, it will complete my transition from Harry Potter.’ Nothing’s that simple or straightforward. So I think once you realize there’s no strategy that will 100% work, you just have to pick things based on what you love. And I’m in a position where I don’t have to do something for the money. That’s a very rare position in this industry, and I’m very, very lucky to be in it. Off the back of that, I think I do just tend to pick things that I get passionate about and my taste seems to be slightly off the beaten path.

Dan has a lot of other really interesting things to say in the article, so be sure to go read them here!

    • Finally, Daniel appears on the cover of the fashion magazine Flaunt, with accompanying interview and photographs inside. The pictures in this magazine are pretty amazing.

Be sure to check out the interview and more images from the Flaunt shoot here!

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