Expanded Gilderoy Lockhart biography added to Pottermore!

J.K. Rowling has expanded the Gilderoy Lockhart biography on Pottermore! Check out the new information, which appears in the Valentine’s Day Moment, below:

Post-Hogwarts Career

When Lockhart finally left Hogwarts, it was to a faint sigh of relief from the staff. He was soon heard of in foreign parts, where his exploits began garnering increasing publicity. Many of his ex-teachers began to feel that they might have misjudged him because he was demonstrating both bravery and resilience in ridding various far-flung places of dangerous, Dark creatures.

The truth was that Lockhart had found his true calling at last. He had never been a bad wizard, only a lazy one, and he had decided to hone his talents in one direction: Memory Charms. By perfecting this tricky spell, he had succeeded in modifying the recollections of a dozen highly accomplished and courageous witches and wizards, allowing him to take credit for their daring exploits, returning to Britain at the end of each ‘adventure’ with a new book ready for publication [that] retold ‘his’ feats of bravery with a wealth of invented detail.

This is only a small portion of the new material; for the complete Gilderoy Lockhart biography, head over to Pottermore now.

It may not be Magical Me, but we are still excited to learn more about Professor Lockhart! What do you think of the new info? Now that Pottermore is adding information to moments that have already been released, is there anything else you’re hoping Rowling will expand on?

Jessica J.

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