Rupert Grint talks punk passion, playing Cheetah Chrome on HuffPost Live!

Rupert Grint recently skyped into HuffPost Live to speak about his upcoming role as Cheetah Chrome in CBGB. He was joined by Randall Miller, the producer and director of the film, as well as the real-life Cheetah Chrome.

In the interview, Rupert expresses his passion for the punk scene and talks about his process for depicting CBGB legend Cheetah Chrome. When asked about the scale of the film as compared to Harry Potter, Rupert says,

It’s hard to compare Potter to anything, really. I don’t think I’ll ever experience anything really [like it again] because it was such a huge machine, I guess. It’s nice stepping onto a smaller set. There’s a much better pace, and you feel more in the moment. I enjoyed it a lot, actually.

Be sure to watch the full interview to hear more about the history of the real CBGB – and what the real Cheetah Chrome thought of Rupert’s performance! (Spoiler alert: He was impressed!) CBGB premieres in theaters on October 11.

Jessica J.

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