30 More Rejected Book Titles

These ones didn’t make it past the publishers, either.

There once was a man from Nantucket, who traveled all the way to Peru for a bucket. It was a special pale let me share the tale of the Blue man who went South and said “pluck it!”

  1. Harry Potter and the Man-Eating Cannabis Plant
  2. Harry Potter and the Time They Just Sat There For 300 Pages
  3. Harry Potter Releases His Debut Album: I WILL Survive!
  4. Harry Potter and the Never Ending Story
  5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Scone
  6. Harry Potter and the Quest for the Holy Grail
  7. Harry Potter and the Widely Speculated Yet Not Touched Upon Future Book Titles
  8. Harry Potter throws a rock at Voldemort When He’s Not Looking… Then Runs
  9. Harry Potter and the Vampire Interviews
  10. Harry Potter Meets Frodo
  11. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Alcatraz
  12. Harry Potter and the Stoned Philosopher
  13. Harry Potter and Secrets of the Bed Chamber
  14. Harry Potter and the Record of Most Bails out of Azkaban
  15. Harry Potter and Too Many Goblets of Firewhisky
  16. Harry Potter Ordering Around the Phoenix
  17. Harry Potter Finds Waldo
  18. Harry Potter and the 3/4 Blood Prince
  19. Harry Potter and the Return of the would-be-King-if-Harry-Potter-hadn’t-defeated-him-when-he-was-a-baby-in-the-first-place (a.k.a Voldemort,
  20. Harry Potter and the Harry Potter Movies -Major Plot Points Excluded
  21. Harry Potter Meets the Baudelaire Children and Wonders How He Got Off So Good
  22. Harry Potter Enters the Ginny Weasley Fan Club
  23. Harry Potter and the Highly Unnecessary Yet Mildly Amusing Rejected Title
  24. Harry Potter Goes to White Castle
  25. Harry Potter Solves the Age-Old Question: Is the Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?
  26. Harry Potter Improves AOL
  27. Harry Potter: The True Hollywood Story
  28. Harry Potter and the Stolen Plotline
  29. Harry Potter and That Thing… You Know, The Thing
  30. Harry Potter and the Unpoppable Zit

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